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2023 International Ocean Energy Symposium and 20th Joint Young Researcher Forum

2023 International Ocean Energy Symposium & 20th Joint Young Researcher Forum

Date: 15 September 2023,  10:00-17:00
Venue: Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Industrial academic hall (G2)
Participants: Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU), PuKyong National University (PKNU), Mokpo National University (MNU), Mokpo National Maritime University (MMU),National Fisheries University (NFU), Saga University (IOES)




韓国海洋大学 KMOU 28名 (教職員8名, 大学院生・学部生20名)
釜慶大学 PKNU 2名 (教職員2名)
木浦大学校 MNU 2名 (教職員1名, 大学院生・学部生1名)
木浦海洋大学校 MMU 1名 (教職員1名)
水産大学校 NFU 7名 (教職員3名, 大学院生・学部生4名)
佐賀大学 IOES 18名 (教職員8名, 大学院生・学部生10名)



10:00-10:15 Opening (KMOU, Host)

10:15-12:00 Oral session 1

  • An Experimental Observation on Thermal Runaway of 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery, Ju-Won PARK (KMOU)
  • Study on Evaluation of Heat Transfer Performance of Heat Exchanger in Hybrid Cycle of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Tomohide NISHIMURA (SAGA-U)
  • Fabrication of a Heat Exchanger for Two-Phase Flow in Organic Rankine Cycle System for Ships, Dae-Jung HWANG (KMOU)
  • Experimental Study of Marine Biofouling for the Plate Type Heat Exchanger with Seawater Cooling -Efficacy of Electromagnetic Processing Equipment, Naoki KIYAMA (NFU)
  • N20 Decomposition and Kinetic Modeling with Varying Reaction Temperatures and Residence Times, Su-Hyeon KIM (KMOU)
  • Posture Control of Counter-rotating Propeller Type Tidal Power Unit with Winglet, Haruto FUCHIWAKI (SAGA-U)
  • A Study on Performance Improvement of Boil-off Gas Re-liquefaction Systems for LNG-fueled Ships, Jun-Seong KIM (KMOU)

12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Poster session

  • Characteristics of HFO Refrigerants in Double-Stage Reverse Rankine Cycle Refrigerator, Tetsuya HONDA (NFU)
  • Oceanographic Survey for Installation of OTEC Plant in Kumejima Island (Influence from the Aguni Basin), Shodai NAGATA (NFU)
  • Research on Periodic Characteristics by Visualization of Plate Type Evaporator Interior, Ayano NAKAGAWA (SAGA-U)
  • Development of Optimization Method of Jacket Structures of Offshore Wind Turbines, Takahiro NAGATSU (SAGA-U)
  • Heat transfer characteristics of FCU and plate heat exchanger in seawater air conditioning system, HarukiIDA (SAGA-U)
  • Boiling heat transfer characteristics of ammonia in micro channel and plate heat exchanger, Shoichi SUEHIRO (SAGA-U)
  • Research on optimal design of ocean thermal energy conversion system, Takayuki HARAGUCHI (SAGA-U)
  • Research on hot spring water power generation using hybrid cycle,Tomoyuki HIRAISHI (SAGA-U)

15:00-17:00 Oral session 2

  • Flame Surfaces Variation through Ionic Wind and Flame Stretch in Mass-Diffusively Unstable Flame ,Si-Yeong YU (KMOU)
  • Research on buoy shape to improve wave energy conversion efficiency, Takuma IMAIZUMI (SAGA-U)
  • Correlation between Ionic Wind and Thermo-Acoustic Instability in Downward-Propagating Premixed Flame under Electric, Dae-Won IM (KMOU)
  • Study of Power Generation System Utilizing Waste Heat from Marine Engine (Possibility of introducing HFO Refrigerant), Atsuyoshi ETSUKAWA (NFU)
  • Combustion field measurement of temperature, concentration and velocity using TDLAS ,Jeong-Woong HONG (KMOU)
  • Tip clearance gap effect on the hydraulic performance of a mixed flow pump with semi-open casing ,Ujjwal SHRESTHA (MNU)
  • A study of fuel cell-battery propulsion systen for four types of vessels,Jong-In Kim (KMOU)

17:00-17:05 Closing