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The 11th Korea-Japan Joint Young Researcher Forum on Ocean Energy

The 11th Korea-Japan Joint Young Researcher Forum on Ocean Energy
第11回 海洋エネルギーに関する合同研究セミナー (@韓国海洋大学校)


会場:韓国海洋大 (韓国)

参加大学:Pukyong National Univ. (PKNU), Korea Maritime Univ. (KMU), 水産大学校 (NFU), 佐賀大学 (IOES)

PKNU 9名 (教職員, 大学院生・学部生)
KMU 27名 (教職員, 大学院生・学部生)
NFU 5名  (教職員, 大学院生・学部生)
IOES14 名 (教職員, PD , 大学院生・学部生)



S1 Biomass and Bioenergy Production Potential from Marine Algae Grown in Treated Wastewater Prof. Sung-Cheol Koh, Dept. Environmental Engineering, KMU
1 Effect of Heat exchanger on the System Performance of OTEC using Ammonia/Water Mixture  Yasuhiro Kishikawa, Saga Univ.
2 An experimental design for motion analysis of a cold water riser of OTEC  Yong-Ju Kwon, KMU
3 Characteristics of OTEC System Using Uehara Cycle with Two-stage Extraction  Hidemi EMURA, NFU
4 Performance Characteristic of the Evacuated Solar Collector according to the Condensing Section Shape of the Pulsating Heat Pipe  Sang-Il Lee, PKNU
5 Overview on the Flexible Horizontal Axis Turbine used for Current Power Generation  Joo-Ho Yum, KMU
6 An experimental study of the generating efficiency of a floating OWC "BackwardBentDuctBuoy"  Tomoaki Okubo, Saga Univ.
7 Optimisation of a cross-flow floating wave energy converter  Byung-Ha Kim, KMU
8 Implementation of Fuel Cell Simulator for Ship Using the Programmable Power Supply  Do-Young Park, KMU
9 Ocean Investigation for Utilization of Ocean Energy of the TSUSHIMAIsland  Hideyuki YOSHIMURA, NFU
10 Development of the Exhaust Heat Recovery System of Gas type Clothes Dryer Using Pulsating Heat Pipe  Yeon-U Gu, PKNU


P1 Study on the Three-dimensional Characteristics of Vertical Axis Turbine Jeong-Ki Lee, PKNU
P2 Aerodynamic analysis of a 10kW passive stall control wind turbine blade using CFD Nak-Joong Lee, PKNU
P3 Recent trend of tidal power generation system - Power quality in Electrical Interconnection Technology Sun-Young Moon, PKNU
P4 Seismic Scattering Characteristics in Fracture Zone by Physical Modeling Ji-Ho Ha, PKNU
P5 An Introduction of Small ORC Experimental Equipment Sang-Won Cha, PKNU
P6 Experimental Study on Uplift Behaviour of Plate Anchor in Clay Dong-Man Ryu, PKNU
P7 Pilot tests of SWRO desalination plants at Korea Maritime University: parameter study on feed TDS Keun-Mo Yang, PKNU
P8 Implementation of Grid-connected Inverter using frequency adjusted zero crossing method Jung-Hoon Kim, PKNU
P9 Two-phase Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Micro-channel Yong-Seok Choi, PKNU
P10 A Study on cause of Corrosion in Sprinkler Pipe Line of Offshore Structure Kyung-Min Lim, PKNU
P11 Comparison on Nd:YAG Laser Weldability of AZ31B-H24 and AZ31B-O Magnesium Alloy Moo-Keun Song, PKNU
P12 Antiproliferative effect of lipid components from Carex pumila against human cancer cells Joo-Wan Hong, PKNU
P13 Comparative Analyses of Heavy Metals and Chemical Compositions among 4 Sea Bream Species Seong-Yeon Hwang, PKNU
P14 Measurement of pressure distribution by using the Affine PIV Chang-Je Lee, PKNU
P15 EMI and capacity of IGBTs reduction For Ships by using multi-channel interleaved converter Sung-Hwan Choi, PKNU
P16 A hindcast simulation and verification of Arctic sea ice using Ice-Ocean coupled model Bo-Kyeong Hwang, PKNU
P17 An Application of Marine Geophysical Exploration Technique for Offshore Plant Foundation Hwi-Kuing Ko, PKNU
P18 Drinking Water from Tropical Seas- A case study of seawater desalination using thermal energy of the South Pacific Mutair Sami Mohammed Ismail, IOES
P19 Interference effect of downstream strip plate on the crossflow vibration of a square cylinder Yusuke Kawabata, IOES
P20 Recuperated Rankine Cycle using HFC245fa as Working Fluid Takafumi Morisaki, IOES
P21 Energy ConverterTwo-dimensional Numerical Analysis on Primary Conversion Efficiency of Floating type Pendulum Wave Yuki Suenaga, IOES
P22 The effect on boiling heat transfer of gap size in plate type evaporator for OTEC Hirotaka Chiyoda, IOES
P23 Hydrodynamic force acting on a fin-attached platform oscillating in a calm wate Naoki Nishimura, IOES
P24 Development of LED Headlamp Cooling System for Vehicle Using Vapor Chamber Type Heat Pipe Jun Heo,PKNU
P25 Performance Evaluation of the Plate Type Radint Wall Heating Panel using Pulsating Heat Pipe Jong-Seok Shin,PKNU