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2024国際共同利用・共同研究推進ワークショップ (会告)

3月14日10:00-12:00 2024国際共同利用・共同研究推進ワークショップ (International Joint Usage/Research Promotion Workshop)


IOES (Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University, Japan) accepts applications for joint research using research equipment related to ocean energy at Saga University. For each joint research application submitted, after review, IOES provides support for research expenses and travel expenses to Japan. In this WORKSHOP, we would like to hold an open WORKSHOP on how to use the equipment, the application form, and your requests. We look forward to your participation.


会場: Zoomオンライン (Zoom URLはこちらの案内をご覧ください)
参加費: 無料 (申し込み不要)



Opening Remarks
10:00~10:10 Yasuyuki Ikegami, Director
Introduction of the Institute of Ocean Energy
10:10~10:30 Yasuyuki Ikegami, Professor

Research on Wave Power Generation in IOES
10:30~10:45 Yasutaka Imai, Associate Professor

Research on Tidal Current Power Generation in IOES
10:45~11:00 Youichi Kinoue, Professor

Research on Offshore Wind Power in IOES
11:00~11:15 Shigeo Yoshida, Professor

Research on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in IOES
11:15~11:30 Yasuyuki Ikegami, Professor

Free Discussion
11:30~11:55 All participants

Closing Remarks