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4th Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher 2017

Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES), A Joint Usage/Research Center, National University Corporation


IOES was established to contribute through the development of ocean energy to efforts to resolve the global environmental issues.

Meanwhile, IOES promotes academic exchange. Japan-Korea joint young researcher forum has been held in inter-university collaboration between Japan and Korea over the past 10 years.

For the next leaps in research capability and academic exchange, the 4th Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher 2017 has been held. In this program, 28 young researchers were invited from 17 areas (China, Egypt, France, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, India, Indnesia, Iran, Palau, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA and Japan).

The special lectures by professors in a field of ocean energy were delivered. Continuously, the presentations by young researchers were conducted in the program, and Best Presentation Awards were given to 5 presenters. Besides, the young researchers debated about 2 questions ("What is the barrier to promote Ocean Energy?" and "What should we do to promote Ocean Energy?") in the group discussion. Furthermore, the company tour was held in Saga and Nagasaki, and it was finished with short presentations about the knowledge obtained through this program.


◇ Date: 20th - 25th November, 2017

◇ Venue: IOES Imari Satellite

◇ Schedule & program:Prease refer to  Link 

◇ Best presentation award:5 winners


Name Country Affiliation Presentation title
Carwyn Frost UK Queen's University Belfast Tidal Turbine Testing: Spanning the Gap between the Laboratory and Tidal Test Site Experiments
Nathan Tom USA National Renewable Energy Laboratory Development of a Nearshore Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter with Variable Geometry 
Frank Geschiere Netherlands Bluerise B.V. Modeling and model validation of the performance of an ammonia-water OTEC demo plant using advanced condenser models
Ristiyanto Adiputra Indonesia Kyushu University Preliminary Design of an 100 MW Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Power Plant in Indonesia
Soroush Mehdizadeh Iran Yamaguchi University Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) power generation by mixing sea water and river water



                 Group photo at IOES Imari Satellite


   s_1.IOES施設見学.JPG  s_8.会場内での集合写真.JPG

          IOES facility tour           Group photo at conference room

  s_2.特別講義.JPG  s_3.参加者発表.JPG

        Special lectures          Young researcher presentation


   s_4.参加者の発表質疑.JPG  s_5.グループ討論.JPG

      Q & A on the presentation            Group discussion


  s_6.総合討論発表.JPG   s_ベストプレゼン賞.JPG

      Group discussion presentation         Best presentation winners


  s_9.企業視察.JPG   s_修了時の集合写真.JPG

        Company tour                 Closing ceremony

Contacts:International event secretariat (IOES Imari Satellite office):TEL:0955-20-2190  E-mail:forum◎ioes.saga-u.ac.jp


4th Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher 2017

Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES), A Joint Usage/Research Center, National University Corporation

We, IOES, will have the 4th International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher in November 2017, and will invite young researchers from the world. The objective is to improve the ability of the young researchers through the academic discussion and to build the human network of ocean energy researchers.


  Please submit the application via e-mail ioesipoeyr@ioes.saga-u.ac.jp 

  The application form can be downloaded Word or pdf.


  The deadline of the application is  July 17, 2017.

*10-15-minute presentation on marine energy is obliged to participants.

*flight ticket (e-ticket) will be sent from Saga University before the deperture.

*We will book all the accomodation and international flights and domestic transportations during the program. 

*Entry qualification: Master/Doctoral course students, Postdoctral fellow and Research associate under 35 years old

*We will inform the final acceptance letter by Aug 1, 2017.



Institute of ocean energy, Saga University

Address: Kubara 1-48, Yamashiro, Imari City, Saga, 8494256, Japan

Tel: +81 955 202190, TeleFax: +81 955 202191








Preliminary Schedule

Nov. 20 Opening, Orientation, Saga University OTEC Lab tour, Welcome party at IOES

Nov. 21 Speciall lectures. Presentations by young researchers.

Nov. 22 Presentation by young researchers.

Nov. 23 Move to Nagasaki city and factory tour at Nagasaki city

Nov. 24 Move to Imari city and factory tour at Imari city and Karatsu city, Move to Fukuoka city

Nov. 25 Closing meeting at Fukuoka city


Reference: 3rd Program in 2017