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Ocean Energy Symposium

Ocean Energy Symposium will discuss and share state-of-the-art technologies on ocean energy including related applications to overcome energy and environmental issues. This annual symposium held at IOES Imari Satellite includes keynote lectures as well as general presentations.
(Language: only Japanese)

International Seminar on Ocean Energy International Seminar on Ocean Energy includes invited lecturers who address various topics of ocean energy. This seminar is a excellent opportunity to make a network of researchers.
Young Researcher Forum on Ocean Energy Young Researcher Forum on Ocean Energy is held to promote academic exchange and education for young researchers. This annual forum includes oral and poster presentations on ocean energy and other related fields. The forum has been organized by Japanese and South Korean Universities.
Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher (Mar.) 佐賀大学海洋エネルギー研究センターは、共同利用・共同研究拠点として、これまで施設の提供および共同研究の推進とともに、海洋エネルギーに関する人材育成を進めています。特に、約10年、日韓の4大学間での若手研究者のための人材育成事業を行ってきました。この度、さらに広く公募して、国際プラットフォーム人材育成事業として講義およびセミナー等を実施いたします。