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Other events [1994~]


History of events

Year Date Name Detail
2018 Feb. 28 – Mar. 2nd Joint exhibition with Saga Prefecture in 6th International Wind Energy Expo & Conference (Wind Expo 2018) -
2017 October 30th Inspection of IOES Kumejima Satellite by the members of Renewable Energy Research Group in Komeito  -
2014 March 20th Agreement for cooperation on education and research between UTM and Institute of ocean energy, Saga University (IOES) -
2003 March 14-15th Forum on Desalination using Renewable Energy in Saga (FDE2003) Learn More
2002 October 15-16th Forum on Desalination using Renewable Energy in Palau (FDE2002) Learn More
1999 October 29-31st International Symposium on Ocean Technology and Energy in Imari ’99  -
1994 November 28th International Symposium on Ocean Technology in Imari ’94 -