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10th Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher 2023


10th Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researcher 2023 (In person & Online)

Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES), A Joint Usage/Research Center, National University Corporation

Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES), Japan annually holds the program of international platform on ocean energy for young researchers. We now call for applicants to our physical and online event scheduled to be held from 27 November to 2 December 2023. The successfull young researchers will be invited to Japan to take part in our week-long event. All travel fees including international flight and domestic transportatios, and accommodation fees in Japan will be paid by IOES. Please join and enjoy the worldwide networking event on ocean energy. (Event Flyer)


Who can join the program?

Entry qualification as a Presenter: Researchers under 36 years old, including master/Doctoral course students, Postdoctoral fellow, Research associate, Lecturer, and Assistant professor. The successful applicants should be able to participate in the entire one-week program, and it should also be their first time participating in this event in Japan (in-person). The organizers will invite selected young researchers from various fields of ocean energy.

Entry qualification as an online Attendee (Audience): There are no limitation to participate as a participant only to special lectures.

Entry as a physical attendee (Presenter) or online attendee : Application form:

Note (for presenters):

 (1) The information regarding the nearest International Airport for the presenters is essential as IOES will book and purchase the round-trip flight ticket to Japan. (2) The domestic flight (if required) to arrive at the nearest International Airport will also be purchased by IOES. However, the transportation (by bus, train or taxi) to access the domestic/international airport needs to be borne by the presenter. (3) The presenters are advised to depart and arrive at the same International Airport. The change of round-trip flight schedule is not acceptable without valid reason.


<Event Schedule (Tentative)> 

(* JST: Japan standard time (UTC: Universal Time Coordinated +9 hours))

27 Nov.: 15:00 – 17:30 : Day-1 Instructions and IOES facilities tour **

28 Nov.:   9:00 – 17:00 : Day-2 Special lectures (Online/In-person) Presentation**

29 Nov.:   9:00 – 15:00 : Day-3 Presentation**

30 Nov.:   9:00 – 17:00 : Day-4 Visit Nagasaki Ocean Academy (NOA) and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum**

1 Dec.:   9:00 – 17:00 : Day-5 Visit Fukuoka Desalination Plant**

2 Dec.:   9:00 – 12:00 : Day-6 Award ceremony & discussions **

** In person only


<Important dates>

Presenters: Application deadline: 18th August 2023

Notice of acceptance: 30th August 2023 Extended to end of September 2023

Participation confirmation: 7th September 2023  To be extended accordingly

Registration deadline for Attendee (Audience): 17th November 2023



<Key words>

- Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) 

- Tidal Power

- Wave Power

- Ocean Current Power

- Offshore Wind

- Salinity Gradient Power

- Seawater Desalination

- Deep Ocean Water Applications

- Sea Water Air-Conditioning (SWAC)

- Ocean Environment


<Presentation style>

Max. 20 mins presentation and 5 mins Q&A. Online meeting tool: Zoom


<Our Research Support>

Please find your innovative ideas! We are offering to use our facility in IOES for your research:

Actively welcome the discussion towards the new joint research proposals for JFY2024 (April 2024 to March 2025) .

(Please refer to link that list IOES facility)



Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES), Japan


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