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International Seminar on Ocean Energy 2007

日時:平成19年9月13(木) 午前9時30分~午後3時10分
会場:佐賀大学 海洋エネルギー研究センター 伊万里サテライト 3F 研修室


9:30-9:40 Opening  
9:40-10:05 "Oceanic Observation and Investigation for Utilization of Ocean Energy  in Okinawa "  Kazuya Urata (IOES)
10:05-10:30  “Local Evaporation Heat Transfer of Ammonia and Ammonia/Water Mixture on Vertical Flat Plate Heat Exchanger”   Hirofumi Arima (IOES)
10:30-10:55 “Effect of the variation of heat source inlet and outlet temperatures on the  performance of the Rankine and the Kalina cycles in OTEC”  Takeshi Yasunaga and Yasuyuki Ikegami (IOES)
10:55-11:10 Coffee Bleak
11:10-11:35 “Experimental sutdy and enhancement of evaporation from superheated water jet for desalination” Sami Mutair and Yasuyuki Ikegami(IOES)
11:35-12:00 “Heat Transfer Enhancement of Metal Hydrides”  Sang-Chul BAE(IOES)
12:00-13:00 Lunch  
13:00-14:00 Invitation lecture (1)  “Brief Overview of Wave Energy” Dr Seok Won Hong  (MOERI, Korea )
14:10-15:10 Invitation lecture (2)  “ OTEC and DOWA Developments in Taiwan” and “Kuroshio Power Generation Concept in Taiwan” Dr JC Ronnie Huang (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan )