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Brief History of IOES

Apr.1973  was the very starting year of our OTEC study.
Oct.1979 we conducted OTEC power generation tests off Shimane, which was the first ever experiment in Japan.
Nar.1980   an experimental OTEC power plant was completed in lmari City, which became the first such facility in Japan.
Apr.1982 a new department, Experimental Facility of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion was organized within our Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Mar.1992  Discontinuance of the experimental facility for OTEC study set up in April 1982 at the end of the planned 10-year period.
Apr.1992 the Experimental Facility of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion was renamed to, OTEC Laboratory. 
Sep.1993  we applied, in the name of Japanese Government, for patent of our original Saga University. Method Cycle.
Mar.1994 a new facility for OTEC Power Generation-New System was completed
Mar.1996 an expansion works to the aforementioned facility was completed.
Sep.1997 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Institute of Ocean Technology, India to the effect that both parties work together to materialize an OTEC test plant in Indian sea. (Topics of INDIA OTEC)
Mar.1999  a new facility for Spring Water Power generation using Uehara cycle-New System was completed (Gross 50kW).
Apr.2001 Signing of an Agreement with the Republic of Palau on Exchange of Science & Research.
Feb.2002 Signing of a Collaboration Agreement with National Fisheries University, Shimonoseki, Japan on Research & Study.
Apr.2002 Set up of institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University, (IOES)
Oct.2002 IOES was selected for COE program.
Mar.2003 Completion of construction works of Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES) in Imari city.
Mar.2005 Representative of Japan for ocean energy system at the IEA ( International Energy Agency).
Apr.2005 IOES began to operate as a " National Open Facility".
Apr.2010 IOES has begun to operate as a " Joint Usage / Research Center" .
Oct.2011 Demonstration of BBDB in Hakata bay
Oct.2014 Established "IOES Kumejima Satellite" into Okinawa Prefectural Deep Sea Water Research Center