FDE2002 Program

October 15th-16th, 2002

Palau Community College Cafeteria

Koror, Republic of Palau


Day 1 Program – Tuesday, 15 October 2002


08:00                Registration – Palau Community College Cafeteria

09:00                Opening Ceremony

09:05                Traditional Chant – Obakrairur Palaus Sked

09:10                Forum Prayer – Father Johon Palau llilau

09:15                Opening Address

                                His Excellency Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., President, Republic of Palau

09:30                Special Remarks

                               Representing Japan – Dr. Haruo Uehara, President of Saga University

09:45                Reading of the congratulatory message of Mr. Hashimoto

                            Former Prime Minister of Japan, Chairman of the 3rd World Water Forum    (Representative, Secretary General, 3rd WWF, Mr. Hideaki Oda)

09:50                Coffee/Tea Break

10:05                Introduction of Special Lecture by Dr. Haruo Uehara

10:10                Special Lecture by Dr. Haruo Uehara - President of Saga University

10:35                Question and Answer Session

10:45                Lecture 1 ---------- by Asia Development Bank official – Mr. Ray Cahoon

11:00                Question and Answer Session

11:05                Lecture 2 ----------  by Doctor of Engineering – Mr. Toshihiko Teramoto

11:25                Question and Answer Session

11:30                Lunch (provided at venue site)

13:00                Lectures Commence

13:00                Lecture 3 ----------  by Doctor of Engineering – Mr. Yoshihiro Hamakawa

13:25                Question and Answer Session

13:35                Lecture 4  ---------- by Mr. Al Binger, OTEC Representative, Jamaica

14:00                Question and Answer Session

14:10                Break Time and Exhibitions Viewing

14:30                Country Presentations

14:35                Presentation - Australia

14:50                Presentation – Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

15:05                Presentation – Cook Islands

15:20                Presentation – Federated States of Micronesia

15:35                Presentation – India

15:50                Presentation – Kiribati

16:05                Wrap-Up of 1st Day session

                               by Vice Chairman of the FDE2002, The Honorable Elbuchel Sadang, Minister of Finance, Republic of Palau

16:25                Announcements of the 3rd WWF3 Kyoto,

                by Secretary General, 3rd WWF, Mr. Hideaki Oda

18:30                Welcoming Dinner Reception at the Palau Pacific Resort


Day 2 Program – Wednesday, 16 October 2002


09:00                2nd Day of Program Continues

09:15                Presentation – Republic of the Marshall Islands

09:30                Presentation – Republic of Philippines

09:45                Presentation – Republic of China (Taiwan)

10:00                Coffee/Tea Break

10:15                Presentation – Republic of Palau

10:30                Question and Answer Session with Forum Participants

10:45                Announcement of FDE2003 in Saga

                            Governor of Saga Prefecture, Isamu Imoto (Representative Homare Mitsuda)

10:55                Closing Address – Vice-President of Saga University, Dr. Gunji Aramaki

11:30                Lunch Rock Islands Tour

General participants will partake of their lunch during a tour of the Rock Islands; transport arranged from Palau Community College for commencement of tour and return

11:30                Lunch, Dolphin Part

Head of States and Head of Delegations only. Lunch at Dolphin Park followed by Round Table Discussion for the Declaration of Palau

14:00                Solid Waste Minimization (Demonstration at Belau National Hospital)

18:00                Farewell Reception at the Palasia Hotel, Ming’s Restaurant.

                Signing of the Declaration of Palau